From this Nintendo Wii?

It’s not that I have anything against PlayStation 3 (I used to own an original PlayStation console and now own a PSP – which is a great little car) or, by the way, against Xbox 360 – my brother has one. Graphically, even the Wii agrees that it doesn’t compete with the PS3 or Xbox in terms of graphics potential. PS3 and XBox360 certainly attract an older market in terms of the games they produce. For example, I can’t get Assassin’s Creed (yet) on the Wii, and its graphics wouldn’t be as realistic as the PS3 or XBox360, but in terms of gameplay, fun, and overall appeal, the Wii beats them down.

There are a number of reasons for this.

* The size

* Price

* Motion

* Family

* Additions

* History

* Amusement


The Wii is small enough to be placed almost anywhere. I have a TV the size of my large TV in the holder that comes with the original package. This is the so-called upright position. You can also have it horizontally and sitting under or above the TV. When space is a premium, you don’t want a console that won’t slip into your TV cabinet – you won’t have much trouble finding space for the Wii. The motion sensor bar is also small and very easy to configure.


At $ 388, the Wii was about $ 300 cheaper than the nearest comparable console – included in that price we also had 3 discarded games. Some people on PS3 would argue, but you get a blue ray disc player with PS3 – but that would only cost more to convert all my DVDs to Blue Ray discs – I’ll skip this opportunity for now, thanks. Wii accessories aren’t cheap either – a must have is a nunchuck that plugs into the controller. They cost about $ 28, but I took mine for a special for just over $ 20.


When I first heard about the Wii Controller’s motion sensor, I thought it would be difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Wii and the player become one. You swing the controller like a baseball bat when you play baseball, chip the controller just like you have a golf club in your hand. If you box in a game, you “box” the controller and the nunchuck. I didn’t want another console in which to gain weight just sitting in a chair. No way with that, with Wii, you can train playing games – IT’S GREAT. A game I played for hours on end with my fists and a component of a 16-round boxing match made me break my shirt while I was sweating from a serious workout.


Wii produces games that attract a family market. Although there are games for adults, Wii has more games for kids than any other console. The Wii sports included in the console package are a great way to spend time with your kids. Play with them ten-pin bowls, baseball and more. And believe me – my 7 year old is unbeatable in certain games – no matter how hard I try – fortunately, I can also rely on a game of golf to restore a troubled ego. My 2-year-old even gets the controller movement concept, so he finds a game much easier than a button-only controller.


The Wii has a lot of cool add-ons. From turning the Wii into an Internet browser, to the Wii Fit, which is turning the Wii into a home gym. Wii wheels, nunchucks, “cannons” and traditional controllers, all these add-ons create even more gaming environments. I think the Wii Fit is a great idea and can lead to the need to divide the time between the game and the exercise wife. Well, sharing is important. The Nunchuck is a must-have addition and a second controller as well ($ 54) – so consider paying another $ 70 in a few weeks after your first Wii purchase.


Nintendo Wii has a great history. Nintendo is the leading original manufacturer in the home console market. This story has not been forgotten despite the new dramatic direction that the Wii has. The old Nintendo Game Cube controllers still have a port on the new Wii if you choose to use them. Nintendo has shown loyalty to its traditional titles such as Mario and the Zelda series, continuing to develop new software options. Old Nintendo favorites can even be downloaded to your Wii and stored on your Wii hard drive. Protecting history means that your games today have a long future with the Wii.


Most of you have seen Wii commercials where a pretty bubble girl represents the Wii and a nerd represents other consoles – Wii argues, though not as bright as other consoles (less computing power) , it’s more fun. I have to agree with them – the Wii is a fun car, more than that – it’s a family fun car.

That’s why I opted for the Wii – it’s a decision I didn’t regret.


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